i) Regularly tested

GN Nano Curcumin Serum is classified as a TCM product by HSA and we take pride in ourselves being transparent to our clients. Every GN Nano Curcumin Serum batch is sent for testing to ensure that our product meets the legal and food safety requirements. We take the extra mile for our clients to take our product with a safe mind.

ii) Made-in-Singapore

GN Nano Curcumin Serum’s production is in Singapore and this ensures that we have full control of the entire production process. Our number ONE priority is the quality of our product.

iii) GN Nano Curcumin is extremely bioavailable

There are various formulations in the market to increase the solubility and bioavailability of curcumin as part of the curcumin formulations or free curcumin.

Most of the curcumin formulations or free curcumin that are taken orally are powdered-form, tablet-form and encapsulated have additives or enhancers as part of the ingredient. There is also curcumin linked with nanoparticles. In the end, all brands want to achieve effective solubility and bioavailability for the body to absorb.

Through long and extensive research, GN Nano Curcumin Serum is 24 nano-meters in particle size and 98% curcumin & 2% water! This makes our product extremely bioavailable (99.9%!!) and soluble!

iv) Premium Quality Guaranteed

At GN, we strive to source the finest turmeric, globally, to ensure you reach your health goals. We believe that our customers should access the best.