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There is no age limit to consume curcumin. Please consult us or your health practitioner for advise.
Studies have shown that when you consume GN Nano Curcumin, it will be absorbed into every parts of the body in about 20 minutes, reaches its highest absorption rate in about 30 minutes and will begin to decline gradually subsequently. Hence, it is recommended to consume GN Nano Curcumin 1 hour before or after taking your medications.
You are encouraged to take curcumin during the confinement period as curcumin helps invigorate the blood circulation, expel lochia discharge and raising prolactin levels. In addition, curcumin possesses anti-depressant effect which helps in postpartum women.
In fact, menstrual women are encouraged to consume curcumin as it helps prevent menstrual pain. Curcumin possesses property that  promotes blood circulation. However, those who have excessive menses should avoid taking curcumin during menstrual period.

Curcumin is 100% extracted from turmeric plant. Hence, it is suitable for vegetarian.