Golden Nutrition delivers a premium all-natural curcumin formula; extracting, blending, packaging, and quality-testing our products in Singapore and distributing them around the world.

Golden Nutrition started distributing GN Nano Curcumin in 2018 with the aim to provide people with a natural therapeutic to various ailments and maintaining a healthy body. We have expanded into USA,Canada, China, Europe, ASEAN and envision to become the number one international curcumin brand.

Our dedicated team of experts has spent more than a decade working tirelessly and developed GN Nano Curcumin.

GN Nano Curcumin has achieved an accolade of international certifications such as the ISO22000 Food Management System Certification, the GMP certification of the production and quality specifications specified by the World Health Organization (WHO), the international food safety assurance system HACCP, the Halal certification. Our product have also passed the nanometre particle size test, heavy metal, and microbial safety test. And GN Nano Curcumin is made in Singapore, which is internationally recognized as the safest country for food and medical control, and was soon honored to win the Asian Excellence Brand Award.

We love how curcumin can provide many scientifically-proven health benefits and how they will benefit our clients.

We want to enrich, encourage, and educate all people to understand the importance of proactive health preservation and protection to a healthy body and how daily lifestyle choices can influence this.

We are passionate about how traditional medicine and modern science can impact your life and this excites us. Let’s take this journey together.

Our Mission

Golden Nutrition is a catalyst for you to feel, see, and live a healthy life.

Our Promise

We deliver the best natural product and experiences to our health-conscious clients.

Our Essence

At our core, GN operates on innovation, inclusivity, and impact. We create visions for a healthier future. We dream about it and do it together every day. Bringing it to reality.